Isn't this supposed to get easier?

Well, we are almost through the first 2 weeks of school.  Today was the first day I dropped Jayden off at the curb to watch him walk up the walkway like a big boy.  That was tough but he does have to grow up and I have to let go just a little and trust he will be ok.  I really would be ok with it if he was not diabetic.  That just makes life so much more complicated.  It's so difficult to always wonder if your child is ok when he's not physically in your eyesight and to trust strangers to keep him safe and alive. 

Things have improved at school but I'm still skeptical about the school health assistant.  It seems like she understands the process to a certain degree.  That of course does not make me feel great. I know, she has had a crash course in diabetes 101 in less than 2 weeks time, where we have been living with it 24/7 for the past 2 1/2 years.  If the clinic is quite and she can just focus on him, she's good.  As soon as there is other distractions, forget it!  Well, the clinic is constantly changing and kids coming in and out so if multitasking is not her strong suite, she is in trouble!

Things are being put into place, slowly but surely.  They have begun to train a backup person and still working on the second one.  I have yet to meet these people and do my training for them.  They are supposed to have someone the clinic person can call on where there is the avalanche of kids in the clinic at the same time Jayden is supposed to come in and test.  Of course there have been a few times when she calls and the person cannot come down so that defeats the purpose of a backup, hmmmm.  There has been a suggestion of having them come down at the specific times of testing, if its quite then great, off they go.  If there are tons of sick, hurt, sniffly, achy kids in there, then they stay.  It amazes me what kids come to the clinic for.  I would lose my mind working in there all day long!

Thank God we have a long weekend to try to relax.  We all need this.  It has been a difficult first 2 weeks.  Jayden goes back and forth with he likes school and he hates it!  Usually the mornings are I hate school and don't want to go so I have to be the not so happy momma to get him out the door on time.  By the time it's pick up time he says he had a good day and school is fun.  Hmph, I hope this is not everyday.

Many people don't know that diabetes is a 24/7, non-stop disease.  Everyday is a new day and a new adventure and you never know what the day will hold.  It might be a good day of wonderful numbers or it might be a day from hell where you just can't get it under control.  His site might be good or not so good or he just might pull it out and not tell anyone for hours until you pick him up and then he says something, of course resulting in very high numbers (yes he did this to me twice in pre-k).  I was less than happy as you can imagine!  I still have my positive days but some days,esp last week it breaks my heart that as his mother I can't make this better or take it away.  It's not fair to him and I get it when he says I don't want to be diabetic anymore.  I don't want you to be either!  It sucks, it's not fair but it's here to stay with our family so we make the best of it and try to help others who end up becoming part of this group and become a support system and pray for the cure someday soon!

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