Jayden's first soccer game of the season.............GOAL x6

  Saturday was Jayden's first soccer game and he has turned into quite the soccer player all of a sudden.  I am still amazed he scored 6 goals today.  He was so proud and so were we.  I can't believe how a few months since the last season and some practicing have made such a difference.  I remember watching him last season, which was his first time playing on a team and trying to get him to make contact with the ball and not run around in circles on the outskirts, lol.  He was everywhere, except where the ball was.  He did have a kick that is still remembered by his coach at the time where he made it from one end of the field into the goal on the other end.  He was pretty proud of that one : )  So here's to a great soccer season and thankfully not such a hot one.  We are lucky that all of his games are at 8:30am so that will be nice and we can walk from the house, even better!  Not even diabetes will stop our little soccer player, GO JAYDEN!

 Mr serious soccer player

 Jayden getting instruction from coach Michelle

 He definitely has a kickers leg

 Working his dribbling skills, look at the determination on his face : )

 This was right after a goal, trying to be cool about it but giving a 2 thumbs up to us : )

Running to the goal

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