Jayden turns the big 5 today!

Happy Birthday Jayden!!!  Wow, I can't believe your 5.  It was at this time, 9:30pm 5 years ago that I first saw you.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  You have grown up so much over the years and I look at you now and you are starting to look like a little man.  It's hard to see your babies grow up but it's also exciting to see the adventures ahead.

Jayden is still liking school so far.  That's a good thing.  He had a Happy Birthday hat on all day today that his teacher gave him so he felt extra special today.  It was cute.  There is a little girl, Olivia, in his class that keeps telling him she thinks he's cute, lol.  He's already being the ladies man.  I'm in trouble, lol.

Making some progress with school.  I met with the principle and guidance teacher and have put a 504 in place.  I meet with the guidance counselor again tomorrow to go over that and make sure everyone is agreeable to the terms.  They also are putting into place a backup for the school health assistant should she has tons of kids in the clinic when Jayden arrives for his check ups so that she can focus on him and get him back to class or his lunch.  I hope things get a little more stream lined so that he feels more comfortable and normal.  This by far has been the hardest part of diabetes and the adjustment for all of us has been trying to say the least.  I know it will get easier but trusting others to take care of your child the way you do it a lot to ask of parents.  I know they will call for any little things but still, bad things can happen fast, especially with a child who's not very symptomatic.  I hope as he gets older it will get a little easier.  Someday he will know and understand all that his parents have done for him to be able to be just like everyone else.

My baby boy is growing up and I can say that I am very proud of him and happy that he has a very happy and healthy life so far and I plan to make sure he continues to live life to the fullest!

Birthday at Monkey Joe's.
This is baby brother Jonah.  He was having a blast jumping everywhere!
Jayden and Brooke : )  What a cute picture.
Jayden and grandaddy!
Birthday boy.
Make a wish!
Monkey Joe came to visit the kids and sing Happy Birthday.
This was one of Jayden's gifts. 
He had a lot of fun flying the plane and it actually fly's pretty well.
Soccer time is almost here

Happy Birthday Jayden!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

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What a week!

Somehow we made it though the first week of school but what a week it was.  I just don't know how parents send their diabetic child off to school to trust them in the care of strangers.  This is WAY harder than I ever thought it was going to be.

Here are the events of the rest of the week.  Wed went ok.  Thurs was the straw that broke the camels back!  I went to help the clinic aid check my son at 10am.  I got there about 9:40am to find the clinic door locked and her nowhere to be found.  Ok, maybe she's in the bathroom right next door, although there is on in the clinic but apparently she can't use that one????  I have no idea.  Nope, 10 min later, she comes down the hallway with some office goodies I guess she was looking for.  What would have happened if my son showed up and I was not there to help with the checks and she was not there either?  Now he would have been there with 2 other kids in the hallway probably playing around and not being supervised.  Then I think, what if he was low and there waiting with two kids.  AHHHHH.  You can make yourself nuts with this.  

Later my mom came to help check him before lunch and bolus him after.  Again, she got there early and she was in the clinic. My son comes down and at this point there are 6 other kids in the room she is attending to and asks my son to have a seat and everyone has to wait their turn.  UM WHAT?  I and the other diabetic momma have made it very clear that these boys are on timed schedules and when they come in they are top priority!  What is they are low when they get there?  So after a little time, my mom asks do you just want me to check him since my child was starving.  She of course says yes please and of course he was low!  So mom takes out a juice box, gives it to him, re-checks about 15 min later and all is good.  He ate some of his lunch there but then was sent off to finish his lunch.  The time was 12:20, 1 min past his lunch time.  Later my son tells us that he was rushed out of the lunch room and had to finish in the classroom.  WHAT????  That cannot happen!  And they keep throwing away his wrappers which I specifically have been trying to keep in his lunchbox because normally he will come back to be bolused and they have to see what he has eaten or not eaten.  This is definitely not working for me!

Later that evening before bed, Jayden looks at us and say he doesn't want to be diabetic anymore.  Why don't you just rip my heart out.  I said honey I wish I could change that but God made you special and unique.  His answer to that?  I don't want to be those either.  He has already picked up on the fact that he's so different from everyone in class and just wants to be normal.  So, Friday I was on a mission and sent a novel of an email to his principle telling him about the weeks events.  In the meantime, his teacher called me and asked if we were ok and that she has picked up on things not working well and after talking she and I were on the same page and she was determined to make this right and make it work better.  What a relief and a God sent she is!  I LOVE his teacher!  She said she was going to go down and talk to the principle and let him know what we discussed and that he and I needed to meet.  Also that I should be allowed to park in the front or in the teacher parking lot since I was reprimanded by the gate keeper on Friday!  
Yes, the gate keeper, who I later found out was the couch.  Great!  My son sees him 4 times a week.  I have walked him to class everyday this week as neither one of use felt comfortable with walking by himself.  As I get out of the car and walk up, I have this older man yelling to me, come Monday morning you need to drop him at the curb.  I said ok, really whatever dude is what I wanted to say, we will work on that and off I went to his classroom.  Then when I was walking back, I stopped to talk to one of the assistants to ask if she might be willing to be a backup for my son.  She said sure as she had a diabetic parent and did testing, etc.  In our conversation, I hear the gait nazi telling another parent who stopped to drop off he was heading up to the gate, in his golf cart, to lock it since he does that promptly at 8:45 when the bell rings.  I was like SERIOUSLY who is this guy!  So I fly down the road past him and his golf cart, really wanting to show him he was number 1 but I was nice, lol.

All those events just got me angry and prompted my novel of an email to the principle.  If I have to park everyday and walk him to class, so be it!  It will be an interesting meeting but I'm optimistic.  I have the support of my husband, family, friends, his nurses at the endocrinology office and a momma angel that was referred to my from his Dr's office who has been here and done this and now is an advocate for other families.  So I'm armed and ready to fight this battle to protect my son and give him the best life he can have!

Now, it's time to get ready for his birthday party at Monkey Joe's in a few hours.  Can't believe he will be 5 on 8/29.........

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I think I have entered a realm of hell.

Today was day 2 of school and it was ok.  Jayden went off to class, no problem, I took Jonah to moms day out, then back to school for check #1.  The clinic aid still seems pretty confused and overwhelmed with everything.  Its amazing the things kids come into the clinic for, lol.  So Jayden's number before AM snack, 58.  I get the "What do I do now" look from her.  Well now we go to the protocal to get the sugar up.  He quickly downs a juice box of 15g and we wait 15 min.  Next check, 130, woohoo!  He sat and ate his sugar free jello and off to PE he went.

Lunch time he was at 90 so that was ok.  Had lunch and came back to be entered and off to enjoy the rest of his day. I went by his dr's office and vented some there too, almost in tears again. They probably tought I was nutty but oh well.  I broke down and had a good cry in the car on the way to work.  I hope this gets easier soon.

I just don't know how all of us parents do this.  It is so hard.  I wish I couldmake it go away.  I really hate diabetes!

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First day of Kindergarten, Check!

Well, we made it through the first day, barely.  Jayden did fine, it was his momma that was having an emotional meltdown.  This diabetes thing is a pain in the ass!  I hate it but it's our life so we make the best of it and move on.

I spent the entire morning and up until about 12:30pm at the school making sure the clinic aid had some clue what to do with my child.  She looked totally scared and I feel for her.  I was petrified in the beginning too.  We did the morning snack check.  Jayden was escorted by 2 students and an adult to come to the clinic and I demo how to check his sugar.  He was at 114, perfect!  Now came the stress that almost threw me into tears!  He is going to have a snack now and we have to bolus him for that food.  But the kids and adult are now waiting to take him back to the class to have his snack at 10:15 with everyone.  Well, how is that going to work?  Who is going to bolus him?  Is he going to have to come back again after the snack and the teacher now has to call the clinic to tell her he ate all of his snack since she is not there to see what he ate.  OMG, you can see why I almost had a meltdown at this moment.  I was not prepared that the teacher would have no part in his care.  So for today, Jayden came back to the clinic as his class was going to music.  I don't want to have him miss so much class time in the morning.  So I start to brainstorm and knew i would have to call his nurse at the Dr's when I left.  I needed some professional advice since I was about to lose my mind!

I sat in the clinic until before lunch, about 11:45am, when Jayden again was escorted to the clinic for a sugar check before he had his lunch.  This time he was at 87, which was a little low but still ok.  Off he went to the cafeteria to have lunch with his new friends and I sat until he returned 30 min later to bolus him for his lunch.  Whew!  Now I could go home for a short while until it was pick up time at 3pm.

I got in touch with the nurse and she suggested to give him a high protein/ no carb snack so that all that needed to be done was a blood sugar check in the morning and no bolus stress! Brilliant!  Now let's see if Jayden will be good with that and eat only the free foods for a snack.  This will be an adventure.

3pm rolls around and now the stress of the car pool lane.  Wow, what a circus.  I'm thinking this grade school business is for the birds!  I know as we all get used to the changes it will be great.  I now understand why parents homeschool and are stay at home parents. That would be SO much easier!

So, let's see how the week goes. Wish me luck on this adventure!

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My son is off to Kindergarten today

The day has arrived and today my son Jayden is off to Kindergarten.  I am still up at midnight since I am so nervous about his first day and can't sleep.  I know they have to grow up but this is a huge milestone.  It means my little boy is getting older and away from me more and more.  It's hard to see them go through these stages but I know that they have to.  In many ways its fun to see all the changes year after year.

One of my bigger fears is the school handling his diabetes.  Of course I don't expect to leave the school tomorrow as I will be helping the clinic aid to know what to do and training her in her daily care of my son.  These first 2 weeks are going to be trying.  I hope she catches on quick and that she becomes comfortable soon.  The 4 hour meeting we had last Friday was intense and she look absolutely petrified as the thought of having my son in her care everyday.  I get it, I'm just as frightened too.

So, like many other mommas out there, I will probably be shedding a few tears as her walks into the classroom for the first time as a big boy.  Of course there will be many pictures and video : )  I will post some of those later.  These are the moments that you want to remember the rest of your life.  I am very proud of the young man that he is becoming.

Well, it is late and I have a lot to do in the morning to prepare for his big day!  Wish me luck in surviving Jayden's first day as a kindergartner!

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So...........diabetes sucks!

I have decided to start a blog about my son Jayden.  I have wanted to ever sense he was diagnosed on Jan 30, 2009.  It has been a whirlwind of events since then but we are living with diabetes.  So I guess I'll start with his diagnosis.

It all began when we were on a trip to visit my sister and family in Lexington, KY.  Those few days visiting, my son was out of control and at his worst behavior ever.  Then I noticed he was drinking liquids like crazy and that night he woke up every 1 1/2 hours totally drenched through his diaper and screaming for more milk.  In my heart I knew something was terribly wrong and my first thought was diabetes : (  This being that my husband and I are both Physical Therapist Assistants so the medical background helps.

First thing I did was make an appt with his pediatrician when we got back.  My mom took him in since i had to work at the office.  I remember that call from the nurse that day.  "Hello, are you Jayden's mom?  We just took his sugar and it's over 300 and our meter doesn't read higher than that.  We have the endocrinologist on the other line and you have an appt in an hour and you and your husband need to be there."  i didn't know what to say.  I started to cry.  This can't be happening, not to my son.  You would do anything to protect your child.  What did we do, why him?

That was the most intense several hours at a dr's office.  His sugar was in the 400's when we got there.  We had so much information thrown at us and then we were supposed to take this child home and keep him alive.  We were freaked out to say the least.  How were we supposed to do this?  This can't be happening.  But we survived the first year on injections and his numbers we all over the place.  Thank God for the incredible staff at his endocrinology office and their support.

July of 2010 we tried him on an insulin pump.  We have the Animas One Touch Ping.  The first few months were complete torture.  Round the clock checking every 3 hours and constant texting to his incredible nurse Heather who was there every step of the way and at any time day or night.  Once we got him more stabilized and many adjustments later to his pump, it has been a blessing.  It has allowed our son to be more normal and enjoy most anything he wants, as long as I know the carbs in it, lol. That's what I always say.  If I know the carbs, he can have it!  That alone is one of the most frustrating things, eating out and most all restaurants don't have nutritional information to give you.  It is a guessing game many times and many adjustments if it's not quite right.

Over the past few years of living with diabetes we have learned a lot and grown together as a family.  It is a daily struggle but we take it one day at a time.  Jayden is getting ready to start Kindergarten on Monday and so the adventure continues : )

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