The Highs..............The Lows

It has been a crazy, hectic week.  At least we were able to get away to Clearwater Beach for the weekend.  It's always nice to spend some time at the beach.  The boys love it.  
 Jayden enjoying the sunshine

 Building sandcastles

 Jonah was enjoying the sand a little too much.

Me and the boys in the water

I always take Jayden's pump off at the beach for awhile and check his sugar regularly.  Sand in pump= bad news.  He comes up to me and says he's hungry so I check him and he's 36.  WHAT?!  That's the lowest number we have ever seen and of course he's not symptomatic at all.  Just hungry but still playing in the sand as if nothing was happening.  Wow, this is nuts!  So give him a juice box and re-check in 15 min and he's up over 100, whew!  Of course he throws a 36 at dinner time again.  Two in one day, that's too stressful!  Then I imagine if he was on his pump, his number would have been lower.  It scares me a little.  I wish he could recognize his symptoms better.  I'm hoping now that he's 5 he was start to recognize them more.

We found an awesome park, Largo Central Park right next to out hotel.  Orlando, you need one of these here!  It's the best park I have ever taken the kids too.  And it won awards too.  It had this cool train you could ride on the weekends that went all around this big park.
 This is the train that you ride through the park.  The boys loved it.

 They had a tunnel it went through.

 A bridge it crossed over
The boys being loving : )

 Jonah my big climber

There's the innocent look, who me?

Jayden had so much fun climbing on everything

We also went to see Fort De Soto which was small but pretty cool.  It's nice to show the kids history here in Florida since we have so much here.  Jayden loves St Augustine and keeps asking to go back so I guess we need to make that trip again soon.
 The boys next to one of the canons

 Another canon

 Jaden in the canon : )

 Help, get me outta here, lol

 Fort De Soto


It was a great weekend with the family and our friends.  I love spending time like this to relax and unwind and have fun.  Now off to help the health assistant with Jayden's lunchtime sugar check. Yes it's week 3 at school and we are still going there daily.  Ugh, I hope I can trust she will get it soon and he will be ok and safe.  DIABETES SUCKS!

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Reyna said...

UGH...3 weeks!? I had to go for 5 days, but they are feeling much more confident in Joe's care they just call with any questions or needs. I feel for you and know what an added stress that can be. xo

AND...Joe had a really tough time recognizing lows until he was 7-ish. Have you considered a CGM? Many people are anti-CGM. I have to say b/c of Joe's tendency to run low and to be so active...I have been thankful for it's direction. Joe loves it as well.

AND...finally...AWESOME photos. You guys are such a beautiful family. xo

Joanna said...

Yes, 3 weeks! Ask me how confident I am in her skills??? I hope today goes well. I am so jealous that you get to have more testing in the classroom. If his kindergarten teacher was allowed to do some it would help a ton and have him going back and forth a lot less.

I hope he can feel his lows sooner than later but I have heard that it's as they get a little older and understand what it is they are feeling. I have Dex sitting right next to me. We got the Dexcom just before school started but I didn't dare add that to this woman to freak her out. I hope to add it in the very near future so it can help everyone in his care.

Thanks for the photos. My hubby does that as a hobby/side work. Even though they both look just like daddy I have to say they are pretty darn cute, lol.

Thanks for you support and I always look forward to readying your blog too. Wish we lived closer : )

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