First day of Kindergarten, Check!

Well, we made it through the first day, barely.  Jayden did fine, it was his momma that was having an emotional meltdown.  This diabetes thing is a pain in the ass!  I hate it but it's our life so we make the best of it and move on.

I spent the entire morning and up until about 12:30pm at the school making sure the clinic aid had some clue what to do with my child.  She looked totally scared and I feel for her.  I was petrified in the beginning too.  We did the morning snack check.  Jayden was escorted by 2 students and an adult to come to the clinic and I demo how to check his sugar.  He was at 114, perfect!  Now came the stress that almost threw me into tears!  He is going to have a snack now and we have to bolus him for that food.  But the kids and adult are now waiting to take him back to the class to have his snack at 10:15 with everyone.  Well, how is that going to work?  Who is going to bolus him?  Is he going to have to come back again after the snack and the teacher now has to call the clinic to tell her he ate all of his snack since she is not there to see what he ate.  OMG, you can see why I almost had a meltdown at this moment.  I was not prepared that the teacher would have no part in his care.  So for today, Jayden came back to the clinic as his class was going to music.  I don't want to have him miss so much class time in the morning.  So I start to brainstorm and knew i would have to call his nurse at the Dr's when I left.  I needed some professional advice since I was about to lose my mind!

I sat in the clinic until before lunch, about 11:45am, when Jayden again was escorted to the clinic for a sugar check before he had his lunch.  This time he was at 87, which was a little low but still ok.  Off he went to the cafeteria to have lunch with his new friends and I sat until he returned 30 min later to bolus him for his lunch.  Whew!  Now I could go home for a short while until it was pick up time at 3pm.

I got in touch with the nurse and she suggested to give him a high protein/ no carb snack so that all that needed to be done was a blood sugar check in the morning and no bolus stress! Brilliant!  Now let's see if Jayden will be good with that and eat only the free foods for a snack.  This will be an adventure.

3pm rolls around and now the stress of the car pool lane.  Wow, what a circus.  I'm thinking this grade school business is for the birds!  I know as we all get used to the changes it will be great.  I now understand why parents homeschool and are stay at home parents. That would be SO much easier!

So, let's see how the week goes. Wish me luck on this adventure!

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