So...........diabetes sucks!

I have decided to start a blog about my son Jayden.  I have wanted to ever sense he was diagnosed on Jan 30, 2009.  It has been a whirlwind of events since then but we are living with diabetes.  So I guess I'll start with his diagnosis.

It all began when we were on a trip to visit my sister and family in Lexington, KY.  Those few days visiting, my son was out of control and at his worst behavior ever.  Then I noticed he was drinking liquids like crazy and that night he woke up every 1 1/2 hours totally drenched through his diaper and screaming for more milk.  In my heart I knew something was terribly wrong and my first thought was diabetes : (  This being that my husband and I are both Physical Therapist Assistants so the medical background helps.

First thing I did was make an appt with his pediatrician when we got back.  My mom took him in since i had to work at the office.  I remember that call from the nurse that day.  "Hello, are you Jayden's mom?  We just took his sugar and it's over 300 and our meter doesn't read higher than that.  We have the endocrinologist on the other line and you have an appt in an hour and you and your husband need to be there."  i didn't know what to say.  I started to cry.  This can't be happening, not to my son.  You would do anything to protect your child.  What did we do, why him?

That was the most intense several hours at a dr's office.  His sugar was in the 400's when we got there.  We had so much information thrown at us and then we were supposed to take this child home and keep him alive.  We were freaked out to say the least.  How were we supposed to do this?  This can't be happening.  But we survived the first year on injections and his numbers we all over the place.  Thank God for the incredible staff at his endocrinology office and their support.

July of 2010 we tried him on an insulin pump.  We have the Animas One Touch Ping.  The first few months were complete torture.  Round the clock checking every 3 hours and constant texting to his incredible nurse Heather who was there every step of the way and at any time day or night.  Once we got him more stabilized and many adjustments later to his pump, it has been a blessing.  It has allowed our son to be more normal and enjoy most anything he wants, as long as I know the carbs in it, lol. That's what I always say.  If I know the carbs, he can have it!  That alone is one of the most frustrating things, eating out and most all restaurants don't have nutritional information to give you.  It is a guessing game many times and many adjustments if it's not quite right.

Over the past few years of living with diabetes we have learned a lot and grown together as a family.  It is a daily struggle but we take it one day at a time.  Jayden is getting ready to start Kindergarten on Monday and so the adventure continues : )

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