I think I have entered a realm of hell.

Today was day 2 of school and it was ok.  Jayden went off to class, no problem, I took Jonah to moms day out, then back to school for check #1.  The clinic aid still seems pretty confused and overwhelmed with everything.  Its amazing the things kids come into the clinic for, lol.  So Jayden's number before AM snack, 58.  I get the "What do I do now" look from her.  Well now we go to the protocal to get the sugar up.  He quickly downs a juice box of 15g and we wait 15 min.  Next check, 130, woohoo!  He sat and ate his sugar free jello and off to PE he went.

Lunch time he was at 90 so that was ok.  Had lunch and came back to be entered and off to enjoy the rest of his day. I went by his dr's office and vented some there too, almost in tears again. They probably tought I was nutty but oh well.  I broke down and had a good cry in the car on the way to work.  I hope this gets easier soon.

I just don't know how all of us parents do this.  It is so hard.  I wish I couldmake it go away.  I really hate diabetes!

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Reyna said...

Oh boy...I am getting transported back to "hell" as you so eloquently described it. It is hard...those first few weeks of school. I also went through some weird "grieving" when Joe started K-garten. It was bittersweet on so many levels...for years I was solely in charge of his care and to have some freedom from it made me sad and relieved all at the same time. Hang in there. Chin up. You ARE doing this...and you are doing it WELL. xo

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