Jayden turns the big 5 today!

Happy Birthday Jayden!!!  Wow, I can't believe your 5.  It was at this time, 9:30pm 5 years ago that I first saw you.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  You have grown up so much over the years and I look at you now and you are starting to look like a little man.  It's hard to see your babies grow up but it's also exciting to see the adventures ahead.

Jayden is still liking school so far.  That's a good thing.  He had a Happy Birthday hat on all day today that his teacher gave him so he felt extra special today.  It was cute.  There is a little girl, Olivia, in his class that keeps telling him she thinks he's cute, lol.  He's already being the ladies man.  I'm in trouble, lol.

Making some progress with school.  I met with the principle and guidance teacher and have put a 504 in place.  I meet with the guidance counselor again tomorrow to go over that and make sure everyone is agreeable to the terms.  They also are putting into place a backup for the school health assistant should she has tons of kids in the clinic when Jayden arrives for his check ups so that she can focus on him and get him back to class or his lunch.  I hope things get a little more stream lined so that he feels more comfortable and normal.  This by far has been the hardest part of diabetes and the adjustment for all of us has been trying to say the least.  I know it will get easier but trusting others to take care of your child the way you do it a lot to ask of parents.  I know they will call for any little things but still, bad things can happen fast, especially with a child who's not very symptomatic.  I hope as he gets older it will get a little easier.  Someday he will know and understand all that his parents have done for him to be able to be just like everyone else.

My baby boy is growing up and I can say that I am very proud of him and happy that he has a very happy and healthy life so far and I plan to make sure he continues to live life to the fullest!

Birthday at Monkey Joe's.
This is baby brother Jonah.  He was having a blast jumping everywhere!
Jayden and Brooke : )  What a cute picture.
Jayden and grandaddy!
Birthday boy.
Make a wish!
Monkey Joe came to visit the kids and sing Happy Birthday.
This was one of Jayden's gifts. 
He had a lot of fun flying the plane and it actually fly's pretty well.
Soccer time is almost here

Happy Birthday Jayden!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

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Reyna said...

Awww...great pix. Happy Birthday to your BIG BOY! And, ah...yeah...the logistics along with the actual care of "D" in the school can take some time to get down. We are just gearing up for Joe to go to school tomorrow. I will be there for his am check and his 2pm check to train an aide. We are excited to get more of his care done in the classroom this year. WOOT! Keep up the great work.

Joanna said...

Thanks! Yes this school thing is pure torture! They really should have a class the summer before your child will start school if it will be their first year going to school as a diabetic. This is so hard and you are just not prepared for all of this. I will definitely make this suggestion to his Dr when we see him soon. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad I found you and your blog : ) This is really a great way to get frustration out! I love blogging!

Anonymous said...

This is Brent Ward, Grant Ward's father, Suzanne Ward's husband. I've been at the clinic twice a day for the last week now, and it's nice to hear some of my own feelings and experiences validated in your own experiences there....I look forward to meeting you sometime Joanna!

Joanna said...

Hi Brent. Good to kinda meet you but yes it would be great to all get together : ) It has been very challenging almost 2 weeks but I think we are getting somewhere. I have voiced my opinions for both boys as I usually speak about both of them when I have asked for changes. So far, she will have a back up person to call on or possibly be there at testing times so she can focus on them. They are training back up people for Nancy since she definitely gets too overwhelmed if there are too many kids in there and gets distracted. I sent the principle a VERY long email that resulted in the meeting on Monday which was a good thing and they have taken care of business. It was just not acceptable how things were going and I had no problem voicing that things had to change. Glad that I can do this for both boys! Hopefully we can all get together soon : ) It is nice to know your not alone in dealing with diabetes. I have already told Suzanne that I know she will be talking to me a lot more when Grant goes on the pump. It's a good thing but the first few months were tough. After that it was the best decision ever! I will keep blogging as it seems to be a good release for me and also makes a document of our crazy life.

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